SYMPOSIUM Authenticity in the Act of Painting

Whatspace and MFA AKV/St. Joost are delighted to invite you to a symposium on the Authenticity in the Act of Painting. Painting has radically departed from its traditional values and function. It has been literally expanded in space, it is now legitimized to use and incorporate all sorts of media and enter fields beyond its traditional realm. The direct relationship between the painter and the work is also radically changed and even questioned. How could we discuss and approach the notion of authenticity within these new terms? In Modernism, the matter of authenticity in painting became somehow clearer, in the sense that the objective was the artist, the painter’s inner world transformed into a work of art, the spiritual to material. This transformation presupposes the artist as the key figure behind the work. In Post-Modernism, however, apparent shifts occurred. The work no longer took the form of the past. It sometimes becomes even intangible, and the role, the existence of the artist is also quite changed and even questioned. By having the notions of the artist and the work in such expanded and questioned forms, the relationship between them is at least seemingly altered. How could the matter of authenticity be approached in such expanded forms and notions?

The symposium departs from three main questions to it’s participants: In what way and to what extent do you question the authenticity in your art practice? To what extent do you feel as the author of your work? Authenticity in contemporary painting can be obtained by a recognizable gesture or a ‘hand’. Is this a strategy that you apply in your work?

WITH Jean-Baptiste Bernadet (FR) Jonathan Miles (UK) Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (USA) Koen Delaere (NL) Giorgos Kontis (GR)

AT Saturday June 1, 2013 14.00 – 16.00 De Pont, Tilburg

MODERATORS Julia Geerlings (NL) Marnix van Boetzelaer (NL)

PERFORMANCE Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

FILM Cheryl Donegan