Julia Geerlings in conversation with Shana Moulton

Anybody invited to realize a project in 1646 is asked to engage in conversation with a previously unknown correspondent. This conversation takes place via e-mail and stretches through the whole period during which the artist developes their initial idea into final results. 1646 invites the correspondent at the other end of this contact to figure his/her way through this actual process.

In trying to picture what result the artists’ work is going to, such exchange can become a reflection on the amount of otherwise untraceable choices of the moment which make up to the artists’ practice.

This issue is part of the exhibition by Shana Moulton, Mindplace ThoughtStream, October 24 2014 in 1646.

This artist: Shana Moulton

This correspondent: Julia Geerlings

Concept and design: Nico Feragnoli