Under the title of Rumors, all students of the school of Media at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht will show the work they’ve created during the past half year.

Out of all the questions, curiosities and issues that have occupied the minds of the graduating designers and artists, an entity was born. This is Rumors, and its main purpose is to question everything and everyone. In this exhibition, the students redefine and position themselves into this ever-changing world. Within each project, question merge, collide and interact. For each student, this resulted into their own, personal definition of media.

Rumors will give you a glimpse into this newly discovered landscape, hoping to convey the curiosity it originated from, and make you too question everything and everyone.

In past editions of the exposure the original work of the Graphic Design department was shown at the exhibition itself. This year, the exhibition showcases the digital versions of the works. An installation of multiple screens reduce its experience to pixels. This is how our work is approached these days: it is perceived through a screen. Will this digital reduction be satisfying enough for the eyes of the spectators, or will they decide to move away from the screen and find its tangible form again?

If so, we hope to welcome you at the Snorfabriek at the 2e Daalsedijk 14 in Utrecht, where all the ‘originals’ can be experienced by the audience.

June 29 – July 2 2017