nachtelijke dwaling #9: dwarling, my darling
rory pilgrim & susie green, the brilliant state (2016)
€10 (Museumkaart free)

Wander through Oude Kerk on 1 October, during the 9th edition of Nachtelijke Dwalingen. Rory Pilgrim (UK, NL) and Susie Green (UK) come to Oude Kerk with their collaborative experimental pop band THE BRILLIANT STATE.

Rory and Susie both revel in mishearings and multiple interpretations of words. Therefore they chose to rechristen the night from Dwaling to Darling – an affectionate British word for a cherished one, rather than the Dutch word for wandering. They share an interest in the extent to which intimacy can be achieved and how music and song can contribute to this, specifically in the sublime acoustics of Oude Kerk.

In response to the relation between Oude Kerk and the surrounding Red Light District, Rory and Susie temporarily transform this space for congregation into a stage for pop music. During Nachtelijke Dwaling: Dwarling, My Darling Rory and Susie research with their pop band different realms of sensuality. Using both voice and touch they explore ways to cross through thresholds: from awkwardness and reservation to places of comfort and exuberance. A collective choreographed wandering and a series of actions is part of the evening. These actions are based on dualities: tenderness – control, voice – body and exterior – interior.

The doors close at 8 pm. Please dress warmly, the church can be cold.

nachtelijke dwalingen 2016
For the upcoming and final edition of Nachtelijke Dwalingen 2016 artists Uta Eisenreich & Zhana Ivanova are invited to perform at Oude Kerk. Nachtelijke Dwalingen 2016 is a performance series produced and presented by Oude Kerk, curated by Julia Geerlings and Fleur van Muiswinkel. During each of these four ‘dwalingen’ you encounter an artist who introduces a new perspective to the hidden, forgotten and obscure aspects of Oude Kerk, as a building, a monument and as part of the surrounding Red Light District. They have been invited to create new, performative, site-specific work, thus examining the concept of commonality at Oude Kerk. Nachtelijke Dwalingen 2016 is made possible with the support by Stichting Doen.