Nachtelijke Dwaling #8 with Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma.

During the second edition of the current Nachtelijke Dwalingen series, Oude Kerk invites artists Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma, to make a new site-specific performative work, which will take place in and around Oude Kerk. For the past few months the artists have researched the pedestrian behaviour and city dynamics in the area around the church.

Their observations of human behaviour and crowd movements in urban settings have resulted in a new collaborative work entitled: “MASS, Formation No. 1”, the first work in a series of formations taking place in Amsterdam during the coming months, initiated by the artists. The question ‘What is a mass and what moves it?’ served as a starting point for their work based on fieldwork, theory study and is assisted by AMS institute.

Geeven & Wiersma will organize an experimental evening on the verge of chaos, aiming to reveal the forces behind crowd formations. The audience will be invited to be part of the first experimental formation that will – characteristic of Geeven & Wiersma’s work – be encouraged to look at the city and its’ actors in a new light.

Nachtelijke Dwaling #8 is curated by Julia Geerlings, a collaboration with AMS Institute and made possible with the support by Stichting Doen.

Every three months you encounter an artist who introduces a new perspective to the hidden, forgotten and obscure aspects of Oude Kerk, as a building, a monument and as part of the surrounding Red Light District. They will be invited to create new, performative, site-specific work, thus examining the concept of participation.
Nachtelijke Dwalingen 2016 is a performance series at Oude Kerk, curated by Julia Geerlings and Fleur van Muiswinkel. For the coming two editions of Nachtelijke Dwalingen 2016 Rory Pilgrim and Zhana Ivanova are invited to perform at Oude Kerk.

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