For the first edition of the current series of Nachtelijke Dwalingen, Oude Kerk invites composer, visual artist and choreographer David Helbich. Helbich researched the historical, architectural and acoustic characteristics of the building. For him the church becomes a large instrument in which the audience has a key role. Our senses will be challenged, especially with the humoristic and absurd aesthetic of Helbich’s work. Recurring elements in his work are the ways he engages the audience and the collective search for freedom of experience in a limited artistic space.

Nachtelijke Dwaling # 7 is in cooperation with the Sweelinkcantorij, supported by Doen Foundation and curated by Fleur Muiswinkel. For more information about the work of the artist:

Every three months you encounter an artist who introduces a new perspective to the hidden, forgotten and obscure aspects of Oude Kerk as a building, a monument and as part of the surrounding Red Light District. For the coming three editions of Nachtelijke Dwalingen Yeb Wiersma & Lotte Geeven, Rory Pilgrim and Zhana Ivanova are invited to perform at Oude Kerk. Nachtelijke Dwalingen2016 is curated by Julia Geerlings and Fleur van Muiswinkel. Visit our website for more information.