Nachtelijke Dwaling #2
Maria Pask
28 March 2014, 8 pm – midnight
oude kerk, oudekerksplein, amsterdam

Nachtelijke Dwalingen consists of bimonthly, performative events that will take place in and around the Oude Kerk. These ‘dwalingen’ are organized by different artists and each have their own starting point, in which the hidden, forgotten and obscure aspects of the Oude Kerk as well as her environment the Red Light District, will be examined. Invited by the Oude Kerk and curated by Julia Geerlings, artists have been asked to create new work concentrated in a nocturnal walking route, that examines the rapidly developing area of the Oude Kerk. Every dwaling will conclude with music by Red Light Radio.

For Nachtelijke Dwaling #2 artist Maria Pask and anthropologist Nazima Kadir will lead an observational skills workshop, exploring the hidden religious and non-religious communities that are historically part of the Red Light District. During the workshop the participants will be asked to walk to specific ideological institutions near the Oude Kerk to conduct a series of exercises that – as a characteristic of Pasks work – elicit unexpected encounters.

Maria Pask (1969, GB/NL) is known for her project-based work. She investigates collective creativity, empowerment and the position of the individual in the community. Working with social structures, she employs a broad array of methods ranging from sculpture and film to workshops, publications, live performances and events. Her work often has a strong social and collaborative element reminiscent of radical movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Maria Pask has performed and exhibited internationally at, amongst others, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; Münster Sculpture Project; If I Can’t Dance… , Amsterdam; Frankfurter Kunstverein; BAK, Utrecht and Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana.

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