nachtelijke dwaling #10 with zhana ivanova and uta eisenreich

17 December 2016

The last edition of nachtelijke dwalingen in 2016 is a performance organised by Zhana Ivanova and Uta Eisenreich. Nachtelijke dwaling #10: double take focuses on the notion of the ‘gift’ and the act of ‘giving’. During the evening we try to identify a personal layer in the surroundings of the Oude Kerk, a neighbourhood that is mainly characterized by its commerce. A one-time only event that will create surprising, but yet unknown situations for both the performer and the audience.

nachtelijke dwalingen 2016
Nachtelijke Dwalingen 2016 is a performance series produced and presented by Oude Kerk, curated by Julia Geerlings and Fleur van Muiswinkel. During each of these four ‘dwalingen’ you encounter an artist who introduces a new perspective to the hidden, forgotten and obscure aspects of Oude Kerk, as a building, a monument and as part of the surrounding Red Light District. They have been invited to create new, performative, site-specific work, thus examining the concept of commonality at Oude Kerk. Nachtelijke Dwalingen 2016 is made possible with the support by Stichting Doen.