Nachtelijke Dwaling #1
Jasper Coppes en Stijn Verhoeff

23 november 2013, 20.00 uur (de deuren openen om 19.30)
Oude Kerk, Oudekerksplein 23, Amsterdam

Nachtelijke Dwalingen consist of two monthly performative events that will take place in and around the Oude Kerk. The dwalingen are organized by different artists and each have their own starting point, in which the hidden, forgotten and obscure aspects of the Red Light District will be examined. By Invitation of Curator Julia Geerlings and the Oude Kerk the artists have been asked to create a new work in the form of a nocturnal walking route, that responds to the rapidly developing area of the Oude Kerk.

For the first Nachtelijke Dwaling Jasper Coppes and Stijn Verhoeff developed an exploratory survey through the church in which the audience is taken along a route with different elements. These moments have their own character, but added together they are greater than the sum of its parts; thanks to the contribution of Patrick Healy, Cesar Latorre Trabanco and others. The evening will conclude with a music performance by the DJ’s of Red Light Radio.

Jasper Coppes (Amsterdam, 1983) and Stijn Verhoeff (Amsterdam, 1981) began working together in 2011, when they met each other at the Jan van Eyck Academie. They work on approximately one project a year together. The range of these projects is extensive, from spatial installations and sound performances to the book It is a Roller (translated into Dutch as Scharrelaar). At the moment they are working on a short film shot 16 mm. They are interested in among others; silent objects and people who say no, but also in the areas where the natural and cultural meets. In recent years they have presented together and separately their work in exhibitions, lectures and film festivals in Europe and the United States.