The Visual Artists Association Cyprus (EI.KA) presents a series of exhibitions as part of the programme “MODUS OPERANDI 2017: Young Artists From Cyprus” (MO17), in four artist-run spaces in Nicosia. After the successful launch of the online directory for young Cypriot, we continue the MO17 programme in collaboration with curators from Cyprus, Greece, Britain and the Netherlands. Participating in the exhibitions are artists from the MO17 directory, expressing the artistic inquiries of an emerging generation of young Cypriot artists.

The exhibition openings are on the 16th of October 2017, at 19:00, at art spaces Thkio Ppalies, Garage, Koraï and Phytorio. On the same evening there will be performances at Neoterismoi Toumazou, at 21:30.

Communicating Vessels
at Θκιό Ππαλιές – Thkio Ppalies
Duration: 16-28 October 2017
Hours: Tue-Fri 17:00-20:00, Sat 11:00-17:00

The exhibition borrows its title from the experiment of communicating vessels, where two or more containers filled with a liquid or gas have the same level if they are connected to each other. Sparked by the work Les Vases Communicants (1932) by French antifascist poet Andre Breton, the exhibition presents how young Cypriot artists participating in MO17 “communicate” with tradition, especially as it manifests through works in clay and ceramics.

Curated by Julia Geerlings

Participating artists: Raissa Angeli, Peter Eramian, Maria Theodorou and Stephanie Stylianou (dia.gnosis), Evi Pala, Michelle Padeli, Nayia Savva, Korallia Stergides, Maria Toumazou, Leontios Toumpouris, Michael Charalambous, Lilia Hadjigeorgiou, Dimitris Chimonas.


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